Established in 2005 the Bluprint Clothing Corporation is the parent company behind the fashion brand BLEU a line of women’s tops, dresses, jackets and loungewear. Conceived by Peter Kim and Michelle Lee, the company started as an independent private label manufacturing concern that posted $16M in its first year in business. From a modest operation in a 10,000 square feet warehouse the company has steadily grown to a thriving fashion industry resource with three offices in the greater Los Angeles area including its headquarters and a sales showroom in the garment district.

With over fifteen years of garment industry experience, Peter established the groundwork for manufacturing original designs and meticulously manufactured garments while Michelle’s finance background served well for setting up the business end. As the company grew with the two of them often taking on multiple administrative duties until they perfected company operations. In 2007, they were already ideally set up to produce their very own brand instead of simply manufacturing for others.

Their search for a talented designer to help them achieve this goal ended when they met Lisa Millward whose boundless creativity impressed Peter and Michelle. As the company was named Bluprint (intentionally without the letter E) as a dependable foundation for building – the name for the label BLEU was spun off that name and spelled in French to embody the line’s ultra feminine styles of lavish colors and ornate detailing. Plans are also underway for the development of a more prestigious brand. The business partners exert every effort to ensure the use of the finest fabrics and embellishments with all the pieces manufactured primarily in the United States with ancillary production in China. Their collaboration ensures a systematic and effective work environment that serves the label well in its bid to appeal to a broad market of stylish women as “feel good” fashion for everyone. Available at wholesale price points from $10-20, Bleu rolls out of major department stores and specialty retailers nationwide including Macys and Dillards.

bleu model